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Duration: 1 day

Delivery: Either face to face (min 8 people) or online

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Course Description

Motivation is the internal process that moves us towards an action and goals; it gets us out of bed – the magic driver to personal success and enabling others to achieve success.

 The workshop will explore the key theories of motivation and power and investigate our own internal barriers and limiting beliefs, which stop/hinder us achieving our full potential.

 We will also explore our physical needs to maximise our motivation including diet and exercise.

 The most recent thinking suggests that we cannot motivate others, only create an environment which allows others to self-motivate. These include flexibility, autonomy, mastery, gratitude and conditions.



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Course Content

  • Introduction to motivation
  • Barriers to Motivation
  • Overcoming barriers- Tapping into perceptions
  • Identifying your motivation triggers
  • Setting goals and outcome
  • Understand and use your own triggers
  • Motivation Theory self and others
  • What foods make you motivated – Dark Chocolate!!!
  • Explore your own limiting beliefs
  • Creating a new future- taking charge of your dreams
  • Managing and motivating/enabling others

Who can benefit from this course?


All Staff

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