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Duration: 12 months 

Entry Requirements: Must be over the age of 18

Cost: Please enquire

No. of credits: 37

Delivery: Online modular delivery with 121 tutor support, guidance and feedback. Completion of 8 written assignments is required to achieve this qualification.

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Course Description

This qualification is designed for practising middle managers and leaders at operations, division, departmental or specialist level, who are typically accountable to a senior manager or business owners.

The primary role of a practising or aspiring manager and leader is to lead and manage individuals and teams to deliver the aims and objectives in line with the organisational strategy. Upon completing the Diploma qualification you will be awarded Foundation Chartered Manager Status. Putting aspiring and early-career managers on a guided development pathway to becoming a fully-fledged Chartered Manager. This qualification is aimed at practising or aspiring managers will supervise or manage a team to achieve clearly defined outcomes. They will set and monitor goals and objectives by providing instruction, direction and guidance.

Develop the skills needed to lead and manage individuals and teams

Gives the ability to apply learning in the context of another organisation or industry sector

Helps you become more effective in specific management areas 

Ensures teams can meet organisational objectives

Course Content

  • Principles of Management and Leadership in an Organisational Context 
  • Developing, Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success
  • Managing Stakeholder Relationships 
  • Managing Projects to Achieve Results 
  • Managing Change 
  • Creating and Delivering Operational Plans 
  • Managing Finance 
  • Using Reflective Practice to Inform Personal and Professional Development 

Who can benefit from this course?

Team Leader

Aspiring Managers and Leaders

Individuals looking to step into managerial roles will find the diploma
equips them with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to
confidently lead teams, manage operations, and contribute to
organisational success.

New Manager

Current Middle Managers

Those already in roles such as Operations, Divisional, Departmental,
or Regional Managers can enhance their existing skill set, improve
decision-making capabilities, and better align their strategies with
organisational goals.

Senior Manager

Specialist Managers

Managers with specific functional roles, be it in HR, finance,
marketing, or other departments, can gain a broader perspective of
leadership, allowing them to collaborate effectively across functions
and drive integrated success.