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Duration: 6 weeks 

Cost: £340

No. of credits: 6

Delivery: Online modular delivery with 121 tutor support, guidance and feedback. Completion of 1 written assignment is required to achieve this qualification.

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Course Description

The Level 5 qualifications in Management Coaching and Mentoring are designed for practising middle managers and those aspiring to senior management to develop management coaching and mentoring skills, helping you to identify the links between management coaching, mentoring and achieving business goals. This unit is about introducing the practice of management coaching and mentoring and the impact.

Develop management and leadership skills

Develop a skilled workforce by using coaching and mentoring skills

Improve skills as a coach and mentor, as well as a manager and leader

Understand coaching and mentoring practices

Course Content

  • Introduction to management coaching and mentoring 

Who can benefit from this course?

Team Leader

Accidental Managers

Accidental managers are thrust into management positions for being exceptional at their jobs. Although this doesn't mean they have the management/leadership skills to continue performing exceptionally. This course will bring these managers up to speed.

New Manager

New Managers

The transition from a team member to a team manager is challenging and requires the skills to balance time for tasks, team needs, individual development and performance management. This course will give new managers a great running start.

Senior Manager

Middle Managers

Middle managers can use this course to develop management and coaching and mentoring skills, helping the business to achieve its goals. 

Project Manager

Project Managers

Operational project managers and stand-alone project managers will also benefit from this course. Using proven leadership techniques, project teams can be managed in a similar way to increase performance and be more effective.

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CMI Level 5 Award in
Management Coaching and Mentoring 


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Six week programme

One to one support available

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