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Duration: 6 weeks 

Entry Requirements: Must be over the age of 16

Cost: Please enquire

Credits: 4

Delivery: Online modular delivery with 121 tutor support, guidance and feedback. Completion of 1 written assignment is required to achieve this qualification.

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Course Description

The CMI Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership is a focused, single-unit qualification designed for both current and emerging team leaders and supervisors. Offering a grounding in core managerial principles, it serves as an ideal initiation for those wanting essential leadership insights without diving into more extensive courses. Through distance learning and steadfast tutor support, learners can swiftly attain a reputable qualification, paving the way for deeper managerial pursuits.

Develop the skills needed to lead and manage individuals and teams

Gives the ability to apply learning in the context of another organisation or industry sector

Helps you become more effective in specific management areas 

Ensures teams can meet organisational objectives

Course Content

  • Principles of Management and Leadership

Who can benefit from this course?

New Manager

Team Leaders and Supervisors

Those at the helm of teams, keen to formalise their skills, will find
this award enhances their ability to guide, direct, and achieve team
objectives efficiently.

Senior Manager

Project Officers

Individuals responsible for overseeing specific projects can benefit from a foundational understanding of management
principles, ensuring successful project execution.

Project Manager

Shift Managers and Forepersons

For those managing shifts or frontline operations, this qualification offers tools to better navigate daily challenges,
streamline processes, and foster team cohesion.