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Duration: 6 weeks 

Cost: £320

No. of credits: 5

Delivery: Online modular delivery with 121 tutor support, guidance and feedback. Completion of 1 written assignment is required to achieve this qualification

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Course Description

The Level 3 Qualification in Coaching and Mentoring is designed for supervisors and first-line managers, to support the development of coaching and mentoring skills and techniques of individuals and teams, alongside working to achieve organisational objectives.

Introduces you to the principles, skills and impact of coaching and mentoring

Supports the development of individuals and teams

Establishes key coaching and mentoring relationships and skills

Develops your skills in managing

Course Content

  • Principles, skills and impact of coaching and mentoring 

Who can benefit from this course?

New Manager


The transition from a team member to a supervisor is challenging and requires the skills to balance time for tasks, team needs, individual development and performance management. This course will help supervisors to support development. 

Senior Manager

First-line managers

First-line managers can use this course to develop management and coaching and mentoring skills, helping organisational objectives to be met.

Upcoming Dates

CMI Level 3 Award in Coaching and Mentoring


Per Person

Six weeks 

One to one support available

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