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Duration: 1x day

Delivery: Online or face to face

Standard cost: £120 per person

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Course Description

The aim of stakeholder relationship management is to impact stakeholder attitudes, decisions, and actions for mutual for the benefit of your organisation and its stakeholders.

Stakeholders need to gain from the relationship, or they may not be sufficiently motivated to cooperate. A skilful approach is required to balance as much as possible the interests of all parties involved. Thorough planning will build you the balance you are seeking.

To build stakeholder relationships that are long lasting and sustainable, they need to be planned and developed. This workshop explores the types and purposes of stakeholder relationships and the skills required to overcome challenges and manage these effectively.

The course content will explain the:

  • Benefits and challenges of stakeholder relationships
  • Contractual framework of stakeholder relationships
  • Planning of stakeholder engagement and the impact of stakeholder engagement
  • Role of the manager in stakeholder relationships
  • Communication skills required for effective stakeholder relationships
  • Collaborative working techniques used within stakeholder relationships
  • Strategies for managing conflict between stakeholders



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Learning Outcomes

The workshop will help you develop the following skills:
  • Understand the different types and value of stakeholder relationships
  • Understand the frameworks for stakeholder management
  • Know how to manage stakeholder relationships
  • Know methods for measuring the impact of stakeholder engagement on organisational performance

Who can benefit from this course?

The workshop is ideal for any person who will lead or support stakeholder relations. This could be within a project management or a business as usual setting.

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