Future Courses

Duration: 2 Days

Delivery: Remote/Online/Face to Face - Live Course


Course Description

Being a first-time manager is not easy and often does not come with the necessary training. 68% of the UK's managers are accidental, having performed extraordinarily well within their role; these managers are thrust into management positions without the necessary skills needed to effectively lead their teams into the future. According to a CMI survey in 2017, this management skills gap cost the UK economy £84 billion a year.

We also find that some senior/experienced managers lack the right skills to lead effectively from the front.

This highly interactive course tackles the challenge of transitioning from being a team member to a team manager head on. It will provide the tools, methods and structure to balance time, tasks, team needs, performance management and individual development.

You can further your learning and gain a fully accredited CMI Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership by signing up to an additional day of training (this is optional). 

Plan your first months

Learn how to set expectations, build confidence and trust with your new team.

Balance your new responsibilities

Balance time for tasks, team needs, individual development and performance management.

Inspire others

Speak with purpose, listen with intent and translate the potential in others to action.

Assess and Manage

Review team competencies and provide stretching development opportunities.

Workshop Content

  • Leadership Styles: Exploring diverse leadership methodologies, including Transformational Leadership.
  • Team Building & Development Curve: Mastering team cohesion and mapping growth trajectories.
  • Coaching & Mentoring: Empowering techniques to nurture and elevate team potential.
  • Emotional Intelligence & Communication: Harnessing self-awareness and honing effective communication dynamics.
  • SMART Goals & Performance Management: Setting actionable objectives and enhancing team outcomes.
  • Strategy & Golden Thread: Ensuring all actions align with overarching organisational goals, and much more!

Who can benefit from this course?

Team Leader

Emerging Leaders

Individuals newly promoted or looking to step into leadership roles
soon will find a strong foundation to kickstart their leadership

New Manager

Team Leaders

Individuals who oversee project teams, task forces, or smaller groups
can enhance their strategic direction and interpersonal dynamics.

Senior Manager

Current Managers

Those already in leadership positions can refresh their skills, gain new
perspectives, and improve team management techniques.

Project Manager

HR and L&D Professionals

Those responsible for training and developing staff can gain insights
into contemporary leadership practices.