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Duration: 2 Days

Dates: 19th - 20th April 2023 

Cost: £450 or £950 including Accreditation Day

Delivery: Remote/Online - Live Course

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Course Description

Being a first-time manager is not easy and often does not come with the necessary training. 68% of the UK's managers are accidental, having performed extraordinarily well within their role; these managers are thrust into management positions without the necessary skills needed to effectively lead their teams into the future. According to a CMI survey in 2017, this management skills gap cost the UK economy £84 billion a year.

We also find that some senior/experienced managers lack the right skills to lead effectively from the front.

This highly interactive course tackles the challenge of transitioning from being a team member to a team manager head on. It will provide the tools, methods and structure to balance time, tasks, team needs, performance management and individual development.

You can further your learning and gain a fully accredited CMI Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership by signing up to an additional day of training (this is optional). 

Plan your first months

Learn how to set expectations, build confidence and trust with your new team.

Balance your new responsibilities

Balance time for tasks, team needs, individual development and performance management.

Inspire others

Speak with purpose, listen with intent and translate the potential in others to action.

Assess and Manage

Review team competencies and provide stretching development opportunities.

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Course Content

Day 1

  • Leadership V Management - Creating your plan and understanding transactional vs transformational approaches
  • Brand you - Driving corporate and personal values
  • Communication - Speaking with purpose and inspiring others by turning potential into action
  • Managing relationships and yourself - Assessing your own leadership style and plan to drive performance
  • Creating a team strategy - Creating the 'Golden Thread' and getting SMART

Day 2

  • Balancing activities - Effectively and efficiently managing tasks, teams and individuals based on business focus and needs
  • Leadership styles in the 24/7 workplace environment - Apply theory in the workplace to manage the team and ensure fairness and consistency
  • Tapping into potential - How to assess and manage the competencies of your team and provide stretching development opportunities


Day 3 (Optional)

  • Gain a fully accredited CMI Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership.
  • After this one day course, delegates will be given six months to write one assignment to achieve the CMI Level 3 Award. Hawk will provide access to online resources and a tutor to support with questions as required

Who can benefit from this course?

Team Leader

Accidental Managers

Accidental managers are thrust into management positions for being exceptional at their jobs. Although this doesn't mean they have the management/leadership skills to continue performing exceptionally. This course will bring these managers up to speed.

New Manager

New Managers

The transition from a team member to a team manager is challenging and requires the skills to balance time for tasks, team needs, individual development and performance management. This course will give new managers a great running start.

Senior Manager


Senior and experienced managers can also benefit using this course by going back to the core roots of leadership, which has changed in recent years to a more 24/7 working environment. Evolving to use new skills, theories and practices.

Project Manager

Project Managers

Operational project managers and stand-alone project managers will also benefit from this course. Using proven leadership techniques, project teams can be managed in a similar way to increase performance and be more effective.

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£450 or £950 including Accreditation Day

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19th - 20th April 2023 

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