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Workshop Summary

Duration: 1 Day

Next workshop:  7th May 2020  |  23rd September 2020

Delivery: Open Workshops/In-house Available

Workshop Description

Are you looking to enhance your project management skills? Would you like to be better able to plan and execute projects – ensuring you deliver expected outcomes on time and on budget? Then this course is perfect for you, the ‘Project Management’ course provides you with a proven process, structure and skills enabling you to manage your first project or to enhance your current project management skills to add even more value to the process and much more!


What will you take away from this workshop?

  • An understanding of the difference between projects and business as usual activities
  • Ability to identify the reasons for projects to be initiated- Internal and external factors
  • An awareness of different types of projects – Which is best for you
  • Knowledge of how to develop a project – Project Life Cycle
  • Ability to identify the information required to develop a project
  • The ability to create/construct your own project plan
  • Approaches to engaging and communicating with key stakeholders
  • How to identify, allocate, communicate roles for the project to project team members
  • How to conduct a risk analysis and cost benefit analysis
  • An awareness of monitoring tools and how to take corrective action
  • Approaches to evaluating projects and presenting the results to stakeholders

Plan your time

Learn the difference between projects and business as usual activities

Balance your new responsibilities

Balance time for tasks, team needs, individual development and performance management

Inspire others

Speak with purpose, listen with intent and translate the potential in others to action

Assess and Manage

Review team competencies and provide stretching development opportunities

SAW Template - Project Management

Workshop Content

This course is spread out over 1 day with the workshops starting at 10:00 and finishing at 16:30.

  • This workshop is being hosted at our own centre in Twickenham, a short train journey from Waterloo and an even shorter 2-minute walk from Twickenham station!
  • You will meet our experienced and talented management facilitators. All with a strong history of business and management experience by doing and teaching, you get the very best.
  • Expect an informal, fun and very interactive learning experience! Everyone learns differently, so we use a variety of learning interventions:
    - Group Discussions
    - Individual Activities
    - Videos
    - Debates
    - Skills Practice
  • All of the learning content used in our workshops are based on the principles of best practices, aligned to recognised theories and management models.
  • There are no exams for this short course.
  •  Contributes towards your 20% off the job training. 

Who can benefit from this course?

New Manager

Business Administration Apprentices

Those undertaking a Business Administration apprenticeship will benefit from this one day workshop, as it aligns perfectly with your qualification. If you are an apprentice with Hawk Training, please talk to your tutor about these Super Administrator Workshops. 



Anyone in an administrative position and wants to learn more about project management. This one day workshop will help you improve and balance your daily activities. 

Ticket Prices

Hawk Business Administrator Apprentices

Free of charge

1 full day of training for you or a team member on a business administrator apprenticeship

Handouts and templates

Individuals, Groups and    Teams 


Per Person, Ex VAT*

1 full day of training for you or your team

Handouts and templates
*Minimum group of 3 for open workshops
Minimum group of 6 for in-house training, Maximum of 12 per cohort