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Workshop Summary

Duration: 1 Day

Next workshop:  24th June 2020  |  21st October 2020

Delivery: Open Workshops/In-house Available

Workshop Description

Our ‘Managing to Achieve – People and Admin functions’ course is a journey of discovery exploring critical topics providing the leaders of tomorrow with the tool kit required to effectively leading their teams into the future transforming performance. The workshop is interactive based on tutor led best practice input, discussion, group activities offering a unique opportunity to share experiences and personal case studies in a safe environment.

What will you take away from this workshop?

  • An awareness of Transactional v Transformational approaches to Leadership and Management
  • Ability to identify personal values driving a culture of ownership, ethical leadership and personal responsibility
  • How to speak with purpose inspiring others - listening with intent and hearing potential in others translating this into action
  • How to construct an on-going personal development plan to drive performance
  • Approaches to translating the company vision into a shared purpose and direction for the team
  • How to assess and manage the current competencies of your team members ensuring you are providing stretching development opportunities.
  • How to conduct one to one review sessions, positive and corrective feedback and how to conduct a performance coaching session

What is 'Leadership'?

Explore the idea of leadership and the difference between transformational and and transactional leadership 

Organisational Vision

Discuss your organisatons vision and understand the importance of all working toward the same vision 

Speaking with Purpose

Speak to inspire others, listen with intent and have difficult conversations with others

Conduct 1-2-1 and PDP for team members

Reveal the human side of leadership and how to conduct meetings to bring out the passion and drive behind your employees

SAW Template - Managing to Achieve


Workshop Content

This course is spread out over 1 day with the workshops starting at 10:00 and finishing at 16:30.

  • This workshop is being hosted at our own centre in Twickenham, a short train journey from Waterloo and an even shorter 2-minute walk from Twickenham station!
  • You will meet our experienced and talented management facilitators. All with a strong history of business and management experience by doing and teaching, you get the very best.
  • Expect an informal, fun and very interactive learning experience! Everyone learns differently, so we use a variety of learning interventions:
    - Group Discussions
    - Individual Activities
    - Videos
    - Debates
    - Skills Practice
  • All of the learning content used in our workshops are based on the principles of best practices, aligned to recognised theories and management models.
  • There are no exams for this short course.
  •  Contributes towards your 20% off the job training. 

Who can benefit from this course?

New Manager

Business Administration Apprentices

Those undertaking a Business Administration apprenticeship will benefit from this one day workshop, as it aligns perfectly with your qualification. If you are an apprentice with Hawk Training, please talk to your tutor about these Super Administrator Workshops. 



Anyone in an administrative position and wants to learn more about leadership and management and motivating a team to success. This one day workshop will help you improve and balance your daily activities. 

Ticket Prices

Hawk Business Administrator Apprentices

Free of charge

1 full day of training for you or a team member on a business administrator apprenticeship

Handouts and templates

Individuals, Groups and Teams 

From £65


Prices may vary, please get in contact for accurate price information.

1 full day of training for you or your team

Handouts and templates
*Minimum group of 3 for open workshops
Minimum group of 6 for in-house training, Maximum of 12 per cohort