Course Summary

Duration: 2 days teaching and 1 day follow up on projects 

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Delivery: Remote / Online

Cost: £1500 plus VAT

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Course Description

Six Sigma Green Belt training introduces process management and the tools of Six Sigma, giving employees a stronger understanding of processes, enabling them to have the tools and techniques needed in achieving the organisation’s overall objectives. Our Six Sigma Green Belt also improves:

  • The effectiveness of employees in developing project leadership
  • Personnel buy-in of Six Sigma
  • Day-to-day workplace activities (resulting in a reduction of cycle times, improved quality, and less waste)
  • Builds on the methodologies of Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The Green Belt gathers and interprets data, leads in problem-solving exercises and manages a project. Not only do Green Belts gain the skills necessary to identify, monitor and control profit-eating practices in their own processes, but they are also able to support Black Belts working on larger system projects.


Impact on Quality, Cost and Delivery

Lean principles will deliver the impact you are looking for. Improvement in quality leads to reduction in costs. These, in turn, impact on your internal and external delivery times.

Immediate Results

Utilising lean principles can give you immediate results. Simple changes, positive improvements and using the expertise of your workforce can gain you quick wins.

Reduce Waste

One of the core principles of lean is to impact and reduce the wastes in your business. Lean focuses on where waste is, creating opportunities to reduce the waste and sustain positive changes made.

Energise Employees

A core concept of lean is that your workforce are your experts. Engaging, motivating and empowering your workforce will provide you with a wealth of opportunities to make and sustain positive improvements.

What does it cover? 

  • Learn and understand the key principles of Green Belt Lean Six Sigma and difference to Yellow Belt
  • Defining a problem and techniques involved
  • Measuring and planning to collect data
  • Analysing data and the use of Statistical Process Control
  • Implementing actions and the methods of controlling progress
  • Controlling implemented changes and methods of sustaining change
  • Project identification and selection
  • Presentation of completed projects with identified impacts on Quality, Cost, Delivery, Efficiency and Environment (including workplace organisation, safety and morale)


Who can benefit from this course?

Senior Manager

Senior Managers

This workshop will give you insights into how lean principles will impact your business and your employees. It will introduce the key concepts and give you the opportunity to drive improvements in your business and understand the ideas that will make the most impact. It will also give you the foundations to move your business forward and drive change.

Team Leader

Team Leaders

This workshop will give you the tools to make change in your teams. It will give the insight into what concepts and ideas will give you the greatest impact and allow you to plan with your team how change would take place. The workshop will show you what lean principles you will use with your team and how you will empower them to take ownership of their areas of responsibility.



This workshop will help you to understand what you could do to make a difference to your organisation. It will empower you to take responsibility for your own areas of expertise and become confident in making change. You will learn the key principles of lean and how you can apply these in your work and home life.