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Duration: 30 minutes

Workshop Status: Available now

Delivery: Remote / Online

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Course Description

In the current climate of constant change, it’s those with resilience who cope best. Although many people are born with resilience, there are several learnable skills in which someone can become more emotionally resilient.

This short course will provide you with some of the knowledge behind the importance of good emotional health, specifically looking at how to work towards being more emotionally resilient.

Emotional Health

Develop the knowledge behind why emotional health is important. 


Emotional Resilience

What it takes to be more emotionally resilient, & how this will support your performance in work & in your personal life. 


The ability to act in your own best interests, to be able to stand up for yourself without feeling anxious.


Maximise your own personal power resulting in assertive behaviour. 

Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.-1


Course Content

The following questions will be answered:
  • What is emotional health & how does this relate to emotional resilience?
  • What emotional strain do we often have to deal with & how does this affect our performance?
  • What factors are required in order to become more emotionally resilient? How do we know if our emotional resilience is being compromised?
  • Why is emotional resilience important as an individual & what are the benefits for a workplace?

Who can benefit from this course?

Senior Manager


Individuals at any level, who work in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. Those who often struggle to cope emotionally with change, upheaval, or pressured work situations. 

Project Manager

Experienced Managers

Managers looking to support their team with becoming more emotionally resilient.