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Course Description

In a period of sustained change and uncertainty, successful organisations need to change and alter their behaviours and processes in order to stay ahead of the game. These changes can often be a seamless and painless process, however more often than not, the required changes have in-depth and far reaching implications for the organisation. The Harvard Business Review’s study on change found that, irrespective of business function, 91% of respondents had experienced a change initiative failure.

Change management programmes are designed to fit a variety of change projects and may involve the use of specific quality management standards and systems to suit individual requirements. This workshop will provide an outline of the core skills and knowledge you will need to implement and manage a change programme within your working environment.

Manage Stakeholders

Gain buy-in from major internal and external stakeholders

Making Change

Act as an effective and efficient agent of change


Communicate change effectively

Design and Budget

Design a plan for change and create a change management budget

Business person sitting at desk with financial change, and report diagram concept


Course Content

The course content will focus on the blend of management skills and tools required to:

  • Build a case for change
  • Sketch a change management outline plan
  • Effectively communicate change
  • Gain commitment from staff and key stakeholders
  • Identify change agents and change support mechanisms within an organisation
  • Identify cost and driving forces for change

Who can benefit from this course?

Team Leader

Accidental Managers

Accidental managers are thrust into management positions for being exceptional at their jobs. Although this doesn't mean they have the management/leadership skills to continue performing exceptionally. This course will bring these managers up to speed.

New Manager

New Managers

The transition from a team member to a team manager is challenging and requires the skills to balance time for tasks, team needs, individual development and performance management. This course will give new managers a great running start.

Senior Manager


Senior and experienced managers can also benefit using this course by going back to the core roots of leadership, which has changed in recent years to a more 24/7 working environment. Evolving to use new skills, theories and practices.

Project Manager

Project Managers

Operational project managers and stand-alone project managers will also benefit from this course. Using proven leadership techniques, project teams can be managed in a similar way to increase performance and be more effective.