This is perfect for:

  • Anyone looking to improve business communication skills
  • Junior and middle management
  • Sales people
  • Administrators
  • Customer services personnel

Course Aims and Objectives:

For this workshop we adopt an innovative approach to learning communication skills suitable for your needs. This workshop can be tailored from any of the following units:

  • Barriers to communication - structuring the message
  • Physical boundaries of communication - proxemic zones
  • Psychological and sociological barriers to communication
  • Body language
  • Preparing participants to observe
  • Active listening - questions and answers
  • Deep listening for teams
  • Using accurate language - filler words
  • How well do we communicate?
  • Communicating Learner Needs Analysis (LNA) issues with individuals
  • Chairing a meeting
  • Controlling discussions
  • Team dialogue
  • Staff statemanship
  • Communication analysis for teams

Course Benefits:

The benefits of this workshop can vary, depending on which units are covered.

  • More impactful team dynamics
  • Improved transparancy
  • Increase diversity
  • Build stronger teams and morale
  • Establish professionalism
  • Connect, befriend and grow
  • Engage and build long-lasting relationships