Workshop Summary

Duration: 2 Days (12 Hours)

Next workshop: 7th - 8th November 2019

Location: Hawk Training, Twickenham

Delivery: Open Workshops and In-house Available

Workshop Description

This first aid course is designed to support individuals with the responsibility for the welfare of infants and children to become paediatric first aid trained. The course will be of interest to teachers, childminders, early years practitioners, parents and anyone who has a responsibility for the welfare of children and infants.

The few seconds after an accident are critical and can make a huge difference to a child’s life. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills on how to administer basic first aid and the procedures to follow that could help to save the life of an infant or child in your care.

It focuses on emergency scenarios that those working in Early Years may have to face and gives them the knowledge and confidence to deal with situations. Topics within the course are regarded as good practice by the Early Years Foundation Stage, being important for the safe, prompt and effective treatment of injuries and ill health of infants and children. This qualification meets the requirements for Paediatric First Aid outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

Recognise and treat emergencies

Recognise and treat emergencies early on, such as febrile convulsion, and asthma attacks.

Treat those in need

Understand how to help a person who is choking, bleeding or suffering from burns or broken bones.

Act fast

Assess and treat an unconscious casualty, perform CPR and use the recovery position for adults, children and infants.

Spot signs and symptoms

Recognise and act on the signs of illnesses such as meningitis and croup.


Workshop Content

Our paediatric first aid workshop will provide knowledge and practical competence required to deal with a range of paediatric first aid situations. There will be 2 units over the 2 days. Emergency paediatric first aid and Managing paediatric illness, injuries and emergencies.

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider
  • Learn how to assess an emergency situation safely
  • Learn how to provide first aid to an infant or child:
    • Who is unresponsive, choking, externally bleeding, suffering from shock or has suffered from bites, stings and minor injuries
    • With suspected injuries to bones, muscles and joints or suspected head and spinal injuries
    • Who suffers from conditions affecting eye, ears and nose, has an acute medical condition or sudden illness
    • Who experiences extremes of body temperature
    • Who has sustained an electric shock
    • Who has suffered with burns and scalds
    • With suspected poisoning
    • With anaphylaxis

Practical skills will be assessed by continuous observation by the trainer and there will be a written assessment paper to check understanding.

Who can benefit from this course?


Early Years Practitioners

All level 2 and 3 Practitioners working in Early Years. Caring for babies and young children brings a great deal of responsibility and knowing what to do should an accident happen is essential for anyone working in Early Years.

Parents and Carers

When you have small children of your own you never know when emergencies will arise. It is therefore reassuring and comforting to know that you have the knowledge and skills to know how to handle critical situations that could help to save the life of an infant or child.

Ticket Prices



Per Person, Ex VAT

2 full days' training for you or your team member

Certificate on completion, valid for 3 years

Free first aid manual

Groups and Teams


Per Person, Ex VAT* 

2 full days' training for your team

Certificate on completion, valid for 3 years

Free first aid manual
*Minimum group of 4 for open workshops
**Minimum group of 10 for in-house training