Short Courses and Professional Development

Pick up the skills to manage people, train staff, lead from the front or develop great working relationships

Short courses are the perfect way to fill gaps in professional knowledge without needing to invest large amounts of time or money. 

Our fantastic range of 1-2 day courses can be flexibly delivered in-house or at one of our venues and is facilitated by our experienced and talented delivery team. Expect an informal, fun and very interactive learning experience that replaces the classroom with an engaging variety of learning interventions.

Choose a topic to get started

Managing People

Master your team management skills

Performance Management
Motivational Tools and Techniques
Interviewing Skills
Conflict Management
Managing Change

Staff Training

Become an incredible staff trainer, mentor, adviser or coach

Coaching and Mentoring Fundamentals
Mentoring an Apprentice
Coaching Skills

Leadership Skills

Lead your team from the front and hone your leadership skills

Stepping up to Leadership
Managing Meetings
Managing and Investing Time
Project Management
Problem Solving
Yellow Belt Six Sigma
Green Belt Six Sigma

Interpersonal Skills

Create great relationship through excellent communication and interaction skills

Customer Service Excellence
Managing Stress
Problem Solving
Managing and Investing Time
Engaging Presentations
Engaging Communication
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Interpersonal Skills

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