The level 3 learning and development apprenticeship has been designed for those who are in a learning and development career or for anyone who are looking to develop their learning and development skills in preparation for enhanced career prospects. Apprentices will be provided with the skills to plan and prepare training resources/programmes as well as advise/assess learners. 


The Benefits:

This apprenticeship focuses on improving business performance and enhancing employee’s skillsets. Learners can learn whilst they earn with plenty of professional support. They will be assigned a qualified tutor to provide them with help and support delivered by a blended learning approach of on and off the job training to ensure they develop the skills required for their role and to support their learning style.

Learners develop competence and confidence at work with a range of resources designed to allow access to online learning, videos, workshops and more 24/7.

Employers will also have the opportunity to incorporate their in-house training programme alongside the apprenticeship to gain the maximum value, create organisational impact and employee personal growth.


How to Apply:

If you are an employer

If you’re an employer, you can apply for an Apprenticeship at any time of the year, provided your staff meet the entry requirements. 

  • If an employer’s pay bill is over £3 million, you can begin set up through the Apprenticeship Service.
  • If an employer’s pay bill is under £3 million, you can set up payment below.

If you are seeking an apprenticeship and employment

If you’re seeking an apprenticeship and employment, you can search our apprenticeship vacancies. For any enquiries, you can contact us on 020 8891 0992, alternatively, please contact us via the Contact Us form

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