Our mission is to make the achievement of your qualification possible within sensible timescales and a stress free as possible.

To make this a reality we have a dedicated learner support team comprising of specialists in English, Maths and ICT.


DomDom is the manager of the team and is the Maths specialist for Functional Skills. As well as the lead IV for English. Dom creates many of the exam walkthroughs in maths as well as ICT and you might also see him popping up as co-host in English and ICT workshops.

We know him for his laid-back style, but he has a wealth of Functional Skills experience behind him.

BeckyBecki is our specialist in ICT and the Speaking and Listening lead for our team. She runs Speaking and Listening assessment days as well as ICT workshops. Becki’s expertise is in making English and maths accessible for all and is a valued member of staff at Hawk.

We know her for her attention for detail and hard work, plus her warm and effective teaching style.


Untitled-2-1Deb is our most experienced member. An education consultant with bags of teaching experience from secondary and tertiary education. You will find Deb delivering English workshops, marking your English Mocks and delivering one to one session.

We know Deb as our English guru coupled with an accessibly funny nature.


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Peter - FS-1

We are so happy that Peter joins us in the FS Team to support with English Functional Skills. He is also adept with ICT too! He is known for his attention to detail and his genial and warm supportive nature. You may have seen Peter in the Workshops with Deb. 
Tam - FS
Tam is a recent addition to the team bringing with him a wealth of tutor experience and always with enthusiasm. Tam is best known for his energetic approach and his method of keeping maths relevant. Tam says, "I’ve always found maths enjoyable, be it for work or relaxation. Now I get the opportunity to help others enjoy maths too" 

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Where do I start?

We have, over the last 4 months delivered and recorded over 30 workshops devoted to the skills you need in Maths, English and ICT. We have also managed online Speaking and Listening assessments to help learners progress even in lockdown.

Make sure you look at the Moodle “recorded workshops” button on the homepage for all our workshops and for those to come. 

View recorded workshops

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Upcoming Workshops

We will be running 2 styles of workshops per subject per month to introduce you to the subject and to prepare you for the tests.

Check out the Workshop itinerary to register onto the workshops. Also, if you require a Speaking and Listening assessment, contact your tutor.

Supplementary learning will be supported by our workshop and tutorial recordings plus our call back facility.

Apprenticeship Workshops

Call-back facility

We want you to be independent so that you can learn in your own time, and when it suits you.

To get to that point you may need some one to one guidance from the team.

To book on, you just need to click one of the icons below. 

Use the call back time to go over a topic you haven’t yet grasped, maybe feedback on a practice paper or help with devising a learning plan tailored to your needs.

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