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Duration: One day workshop delivered face to face

Delivery: Can be delivered on employer's site for 8+ staff, online, or at our centre in Twickenham (Greater London)

Standard cost: £695plus VAT

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Course Description

Organisations need to continuously improve and adapt to the ever changing expectations and needs of the customer or service. Without a clear set of processes to keep up with the change, a company can easily become disorganised and leave performance, productivity and staff morale behind. This is where Kaizen can help.

Kaizen is a proven performance improvement tool used to generate breakthrough improvements quickly, without huge investments or high commitments. Using continuous improvement methods will allow everyone in an organisation to take ownership of their areas and want to make change and demonstrate measurable improvements.

Used by large manufacturing companies such as Toyota and the UK's NHS, Kaizen can be used in any part of an organisation to great effect.

Learning outcomes:
  • Lower Costs - Reduce service or manufacturing costs by helping staff get it right and eliminating failure demand.
  • Immediate Results - With a one step at a time approach, Kaizen makes minor enhancements to solve large numbers of small problems.
  • Reduce Waste - Make alterations, look at results, then repeat with improvements to eliminate wasted time, activities and unnecessary overwork.
  • Energise Employees - Kaizen depends on employees making suggestions for change. Motivate and enrich work experiences by encouraging change.

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Course Content

Part 1:
• Explore what good change means
• Understand paradigms and how they impact your business
• Identify ways to break down barriers to change
• What is waste and how to remove it

Part 2:
• Effective action planning
• How to use and apply the PDCA Cycle
• Identifying waste in your business
• Creating action plans to remove waste

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