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Duration: Two days workshop and one day project follow up

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Delivery: Online

Standard cost: £696 plus VAT

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Course Description

Lean, or Business Improvement Techniques, is a set of skills and behaviours that are embedded into a business, at all levels, encouraging and promoting ‘good change’. The term Lean comes from the idea of removing waste and being left with value added activities and processes that impact the business. The principles have been in practice for over 60 years, originating in Japan with Toyota, building on ideas first introduced by Henry Ford.


What will it cover?

  • How Lean gives you measurable impacts on Quality, Cost and Delivery
  • How it empowers your staff and encourages them to be accountable
  • How Lean engages staff at all levels
  • Why Lean gives you an organised and efficient workplace
  • We introduce the ideas of workplace organisation (5S), Kaizen and Problem Solving
  • We will explore where wastes are apparent and how they can be eliminated
  • We give your colleagues the awareness to make change and feel engaged
  • How to create an action plan for improvement.



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Learning Outcomes

The workshop will help you develop the following skills:
  • Awareness of the importance of Lean and how it impacts a business
  • The ability to identify wastes
  • The ability to identify the key techniques of Lean, such as 5S, Kaizen and Problem Solving and how they could be applied
  • Efficient action planning

Who can benefit from this course?

Anyone who wants to learn what lean is and how the principles can be utilised in a business.

The content is relevant to employees from all levels of the business and provides an overview of how lean can be applied and the impact it can have on a business and its employees.