Health and Safety Policy 

    1.0 AIM

    It is the aim of Hawk Training Group to safeguard the health and safety of all its employees, learners and visitors whilst at work and to pursue a policy which, as far as is reasonably practicable promotes the ‘Safe Learner’ and ensures learners ‘feel safe’ and that:

    • Our business is conducted in accordance with the best practices for the promotion of health and safety at work including the prevention of general and occupational risks;

    • A safe and healthy working environment for learners on and off site is established and maintained at all operating locations and that risk assessment is carried out for physical hazards;

    • First aid, fire-fighting and evacuation measures are in place in all training and staff rooms for which employees, learners and visitors receive both verbal and written instructions;

    • There is full compliance with National Legislation for the health and safety both for employees at work, learners and the general public;

    • Accredited standards of training and instruction in matters of health and safety will be provided and maintained at all levels of employment and in particular relevant staff are qualified to carry out risk assessments on employer premises and/or work placements;

    • Co-operation of employees and learners, in promoting safe and healthy conditions and systems of work is encouraged by discussion and effective joint consultation;

    • An efficient advisory service in matters of health and safety is provided by our contractual partners, and reference should also be made to the HSE – website:

    • The Health & Safety Officer is responsible for reviewing and updating this policy where necessary, this will also be reviewed as an origination annually.


    Andy Tyrer is the Health and Safety Officer. However, every staff member employed by Hawk Training has a responsibility for maintaining a healthy and safe working environment, which is free from hazards and may compromise the health and safety of others. It is the responsibility of all management and staff to:

    • Co-operate actively in promoting the ‘Safe Learner’ and achieving the aims of the Health and Safety policy statements and practice in order that learners ‘feel safe’;

    • Take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions;

    • Work safely and efficiently by following correct operating procedures and by meeting statutory obligations;

    • Not to interfere or misuse anything which is provided in the interest’s health and safety;

    • Report and co-operate in the investigation of all accidents and incidents that lead, or may potentially lead, to injury and any shortfall in the protection arrangements.