Take control of your apprenticeship levy, before you lose it

Funds expire 24 months after they enter your Apprenticeship Service account, which means if you have been paying the levy since April 2017, you are running out of time to use it.

We'll make it easy for you to utilise the levy in a way that works for you.

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Understand your levy funds

Calculate and understand your levy pot and how it can be best used to upskill staff

Identify your skill gaps

Discover who will benefit most from apprenticeships within your organisation

Strategise and tailor your training

Create a training plan across your organisation, from entry-level staff to senior managers

Watch your staff grow

Receive outstanding staff development and guidance on how to maximise on apprenticeships

Setting up the Apprenticeship Levy in 4 steps.


Plant - Step 1

Calculate your levy bill

The first step is to work out how much your organisation is currently being taxed.

We have a simple calculator that works out your levy bill each month and allows you to estimate how big your levy pot may look throughout the year.



Plant - Step 2

Set up and access the Apprenticeship Service

You will then want to set up your access to the Apprenticeship Service ready for use.

Download our guide to get a simple step by step breakdown to creating your account and getting started with the service.

See .gov guidance


Plant - Step 3

Find and choose an apprenticeship training provider

Once you are set up you are ready to start searching for providers that can supply the apprenticeships you need for your organisation.

Download our easy to read programme rates guide, which breaks down our pricing.



Plant - Step 4

Sign up staff onto the Apprenticeship Service

Once you selected and organised apprenticeships with a provider, you can start adding apprentices to the Apprenticeship Service.

Download our easy step by step guide to adding apprentices to the service.

Download Guide
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Transfer 25% of your funds to other employers

If you have unused apprenticeship funds, you have the option to transfer 10% (25% from April 2019) of the funds in your Apprenticeship Levy account to other employers of your choice. Such as:

  • employers you currently work with
  • other employers in your industry

To get the most out of your unused levy funds and to help other organisations improve their staff training, we can support and handle this transfer of funds to your chosen employer(s), without the hassle.

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Everyone benefits with Hawk

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  • Increase employee retention74% of companies surveyed said that apprentices tended to be more loyal, than non-apprentices. 
  • Use funds that will otherwise be lost, only 14% of Levy funds have been used.  
  • Fill any skills gaps and allow the business to source future managers and leaders from within.
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  • Teams are more motivated - 92% of companies who invest in apprentices reported a significant increase in employee motivation. 
  • Enhance team productivity, 76% say that productivity has improved since getting an apprentice. 
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  • Upskill, (92%) of apprentices felt that their apprenticeship had had a positive impact on their career. 
  • An apprenticeship gives staff the opportunity to become more valuable to the company.  
  • Higher morale, teams have higher spirit and morale, as the organisation invested time and training in them. 
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  • 97% of apprentices said their ability to do the job had improved 
  • 92% of apprentices said that their career prospects had improved 
  • Earn while you learn. 

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  • See how we can facilitate your content and delivery requirements
  • Discuss the process of building a programme that suits your business needs and represents your business' identity
  • Review your apprenticeship training strategy and development plans
  • Discover how internal training courses can be mapped into apprenticeships